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Master Class with On-the-Spot Approach |
25.09.2019 - 27.09.2019 |
Maastricht |
Language: English

Real-Life On-the-Spot Visits: How to Detect and Combat Irregularities & Fraud in ESI Funds

Join us for the real-life on-the-spot visits! Our approach during this unique event is to take you by the hand and train you to detect irregularities and fraud during the real-life on-the-spot controls. For this, we will get on a bus and visit three real projects, make our observations, write our reports and discuss and analyse these reports. Finally, we will offer you the opportunity to bring your cases, which we will discuss with our expert in full confidentiality.

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    Irregularities and fraud on project or programme level can lead to withdrawals, repayments and financial corrections. If the lead partner does not succeed in securing repayment of any amount unduly paid as a result of an irregularity or fraud, the member state on whose territory the beneficiary causing the error is located is obliged to reimburse the amount. Therefore, it is crucial for national authorities to implement all measures, aimed at preventing, detecting and combatting irregularities and fraud at any stage of management of ESI Funds.

    Target Group

    • Representatives from public authorities in charge of financial management, control and audit, especially from:
      • Managing Authorities
      • Certifying Authorities
      • Audit Authorities
      • Intermediate Bodies
    • ESI Funds experts from regional and local authorities and experts involved in ETC Programme
    • Beneficiaries of EU-funded projects, i.e.: Private and public companies, associations, research institutes
    • Public and private banks
    • International, national and local associations and networks
    • Consultants

    Topics & Methodology

    We would like to introduce our brand new format: Master class with on-the-spot approach. The Chair of the Master Class is Jo Kremers, former Senior Audit Manager at the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands.

    Our approach during this unique, attractive and highly interactive event includes the set-up of a well-structured risk analysis, focused on gathering evidence, fact finding, based on professional scepticism, by the use of the internet, open sources, data analysis and sophisticated software, and not to forget the use of your most important instruments,  combined with a more innovative way of thinking. Under professional coaching and guidance, enthusiastic teams are competing for the best results and a real reward.

    On the first day, we will train you on innovative methods and approaches to audits and verifications and will prepare you for on-the-spot control of real projects, which will take place on the second day of the master class.

    During the second day we will visit three real projects in the south of the Netherlands and will write reports on our observations. These reports will be discussed and analysed during the third day. In the afternoon we will visit the Government of the Province of Limburg and will have several unforgetable moments, incl. visiting of the real Maastricht Treaty.

    The third day will be organised in form of competition. We will work in subgroups and discuss & summarize the results of the first and second days. The afternoon session will be devoted to problem-solving: Just send to us your cases and questions in advance! We will discuss them and look for solutions during the master class.  

    Day 1: Innovative Approaches to Verifications and Audits

    • Discussion of innovative approaches to verifications/audits
    • Preparation for on-the-spot verifications/audits
    • Set-up of checklists and questionnaires before visiting the projects

    Day 2: On-the-spot Visits and Reporting

    • Testcases to improve your skills and the use of instruments
    • On-the-spot visits of three real projects in the Netherlands
    • Report writing and discussion of reports
    • Visit of the Government of Limburg
    Day 3: Group Working Day
    • Discussion of results of the first and second days
    • Hints about fact finding, reporting, evidence, risks of reputation damage for the EC, ESI Funds and national authorities
    • Analysis of problematic aspects of submitted cases and identification of possible solutions
    • Conclusions and exchange of experience

    The participants will be actively involved in various exercises and group works during the course. This round-table format will offer a platform to learn how to prevent, detect and combat irregularities and fraud in ESI Funds. Besides expert presentations, the sessions will include discussions and exchange of national (best) practices as well as expert guidance on how to best implement and apply the foreseen measures and strategies in your country.

    During the event we are planning to see the real Maastricht Treaty, which is the cradle of the European Union and therefore very important for all of us, citizens of the EU.

    How to get to Maastricht from the Amsterdam Airport?

    From the Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) you are welcome to take the intercity train to Utrecht Centraal, and from there a direct intercity train to Maastricht.
    To check the exact connection, please use the Dutch railways.

    Course Material – No need to miss anything!

    If you were unable to make it to the workshop and/or conference you may want to order a copy of the printed material including the access data to all presentations shown during the events. The price is € 299,- (each, excl. of VAT). If interested, please contact Anya Zuschke.

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